Level 3 - Rolfing® Structural Integration


Level 3 Rolfing® leads to a professional qualification as a Certified Rolfer® and membership of the ERA.

This classroom-based course lets you develop and deepen your Rolfing Structural Integration skills. Working with your own client, you’ll learn step-by-step how to put your skills into practice.

Level 3 Rolfing is taught over 10 to 12 months, in 9 modules of 4 to 6 days every 4 to 5 weeks.

There’s a personalised progress review at the end of module 4, where your teachers will discuss your development with you to highlight areas where you might want to do extra work. For example, take an additional mentoring session or work through a personalised reading list.

Exams take place at the certification workshop at the end of module 9.

The course is available in English and German.

Classes take place at the Dr Ida Rolf Institute® in Munich, Germany. 

You'll learn about
- refined manual myofascial and neurofascial intervention skills, including deep ligamentous, visceral and cranial work
- testing and treatments for common structural pathologies
- the logic behind the ‘Ten Series’ based on its biomechanical and functional objectives
- how to recognise movement habits that can lead to structural lesions
- how to use active movement (Rolf Movement) as part of the Rolfing process
- listening and speaking skills that help you build a supportive therapeutic relationship with your client
- using touch to improve your client's movement coordination and self-regulation
- creating a safe environment in which your client can renegotiate their experiences, and nurture helpful movement patterns and behaviours
What to expect in class
- You’ll be taught by a faculty member of the Dr Ida Rolf Institute® Europe.

On successful completion of the course and the certification workshop at the end, you'll graduate as a Certified Rolfer®. You’ll now join the European Rolfing® Association as a member and can open your own practice. As a graduate, you willl qualify for two years of discounted membership fees.