Level 2 - Structural Fascial Bodywork


Level 2 Structural Fascial Bodywork is the second level of education at the Dr Ida Rolf Institute® Europe. The course teaches you the principles of Structural Fascial Bodywork to a professional level, based on Dr Ida Rolf’s ‘recipe’.

Classes are grouped into 8 individual modules of 3 to 8 days each, spread over about 9 months.

Step-by-step, you’ll explore the ‘Ten Series’ of Rolfing® sessions and practice these with each other and with a client. Lessons on ethics, building your practice and writing a business plan complement the practical part of the course. On successful completion, you'll receive a certificate of attendance for your course in Structural Fascial Bodywork. This qualifies you for further study towards becoming a Certified Rolfer (level 3).

You'll learn about
- manual intervention based on Dr Ida Rolf’s ‘recipe’ of the ‘Ten-Series’ of Structural Integration
- recognising movement and posture patterns – body reading
- bodywork techniques that you can implement in your own practice
- ethics around working with clients
- practice building and business plan
Who is this course for
Practitioners of related bodywork disciplines, for example, manual therapists, osteopaths, yoga teachers, Pilates instructors or Gyrotonic teachers – who want to implement Structural Fascial Bodywork in their practice

People who want to delve into bodywork for their own benefit, for example, if you’re a singer, dancer or actor

Career changers – if you’re coming from a different line of work, this is a great pathway towards a career in bodywork

This is not an entry-level course. You’ll need to have some previous experience in bodywork, and depending on your skill level, you’ll need to complete some of the Myofascial Foundation Workshops (level1).
What to expect in class
- you’ll be taught by a faculty member of the Dr Ida Rolf Institute Europe.
- you're taught using a mix of practical exercises and theory
- you’ll work in pairs or small groups to explore and practice the course content
- you’ll work one-to-one with your client
- you'll get plenty of support as there'll be one teacher for every 10 students and no more than 20 students per class
- there’ll be preparatory reading and homework
school Andrea Clusen
Level 2 Structural Fascial Bodywork ist der zweite Ausbildungsabschnitt am Dr. Ida Rolf Institut. Der Kurs vermittelt Ihnen die Grundlagen der Strukturellen Faszien-Körperarbeit auf professionellem Niveau, basierend auf Dr. Ida Rolfs „Rezept“. Der Unterricht ist in 8 einzelne Module von jeweils 3…
school Rita Geirola
Language: English
The series of ten individual sessions that Dr.Ida Rolf developed have structural and functional themes. Each session is conceptually built upon each other. During this part of the Rolfing Training you will be introduced to understand the theoretical and practical background of the treatment plan.…